Poem of the Day! 10/27/08

Monday, October 27, 2008

Was It Something I Said
By Noir Czar

Was it my use of the first amendment that caused your ideas of independence
attaining freedom from your mental barriers
no crab mentality cause on my curved vertebrae will carry ya
on my shoulders rest the future of my civilization
ancestors of the Aztecs, Mayans, and Haitians
product of desegregation, the result of a mid night conversation
was it something that he said?

Did his candor with my mother start my revolution
the utter conclusion is clarity in this mass confusion
thru scars and contusion we wake up and smell the roses thru this media pollution
a remedial solution to the problem at hand is proper representation
but I am filled with disgust when I come to the revelation
that even in his conversations, fraudulent assertions and propaganda are spread
Was it something he said?

Was it his rebuttal to the criminal charges
or his reasoning for the aggressive sexual approach
her reproach to his advances in the land of opportunity
the melanin increase our circumstances even in our romances
kissed, caressed and slow dances we are oppressed from our chances
yet we attain our ignorant stances, lean back and rock with that
through music we speak the situational fact
an over rates reality of addiction to crack
my prediction is that your perception is whack
was it something he rapped?

The lyrics he stacked that cause us pain
a dependent mainframe based on the size of your chain
the carat in your ring
the eighty fours on your swing
see prior to politics these material things only glisten
but now we see they listen
a catalyst to competition
and addictive to the current composition of envy, hate, kill and its constant repetition
Was it something that was written?

Or were we both just forgiven when he took the silver pence
crossed the borders of the pearl fence into a valley of repentance
If I could write the world's wrongs in a sentence would you sentence me to death too
would it still stand true that my actions were u-republic
I could change the subject
and still remain a subject discussion
but due to my heart's percussion there is no retreat
and whatever is spoken from my lips is confirmed y the foundation of my feet
stand up for what you speak or talk into existence your own defeat.