What is the Role of the Vice President? ... SHOPPING (and some other stuff)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Five days ago it was released that the Republican National Convention allegedly spent $150,000 on Sarah McCain's wardrobe for the GOP convention. $150,000! ... do you all realize that I could pay my rent for 3 years for that much , or the RNC could have sent 3 or 4 kids to a great state college anywhere in the United States for 4 years

As she spoke out about the accusations on "The View" however, she stated that the clothes do not belong to her ... they are on loan and still are the property of the RNC! Yeah, OK Lady ...

The way I see it, it is still $150,000 that is being spent on useless crap. As a woman that boasts about not only knowing the people of the United States, she claims that she IS one of us ... furthermore, that simple fact is the reason why the Republican party believes that she will be such a great candidate for vice presidency -- her connection with the "little" people. So, if that really is the case, why did the RNC feel as though they needed to spend so much money trying to make her look different.

For all of you out there that have donated money to the RNC, you are the one that funding her extravagant shopping trip ... and what's even more disappointing is the fact that a good number of you lipstick republican and McCain fans are pleased with the way your contributions have been spent because a pretty wardrobe is only going to distract people from the ridiculous words that are steadily streaming out of her mouth.

Instead of spending all that money, a more useful venture for the RNC could have been to spend more time preparing their as yet unready candidate for the spotlight ... she can't even articulate what the role of the Vice President is correctly (but I'm sure those 4th graders she gave a shout out to during the debates could have schooled her on that).

This is just another move that has made me disappointed in the Republican candidate and his entire campaign. I have had enough with the hypocrisy, the name-calling, the dirty politics, the unqualified candidates, the pretention, and the pending policies that will only break an already breaking country. If this isn't enough to make people see them for who they really are and what they really represent then I don't know what is. My biggest fear for the future of this country is that McCain and Palin will be elected into office ... but that's OK I guess. I'll just move back to Africa! I'm sure the racism and genocide will be a much easier pill to swallow than the impending McCain/Palin administration.