Would you like a Mail-In Rebate with your Healthcare Plan

Monday, October 20, 2008

After writing my last post about the issues I had been having with my Sickle Cell and having to be in the hospital for a week and then returning to work only to see CNN being played on the lobby television all day long I got to thinking about how John McCain's tax plan would benefit me and this is the conclusion that I came to-- IT WON'T DO SHIT TO HELP ME OUT!

First of all, his tax plan is kind of like a mail-in rebate ... buy now and I'll give you less than a fraction of what you spent later. Please, can someone from the McCain Camp tell me how this is going to help me in the long run? Here's what I see as my healthcare future with the policy that McCain is proposing: without state regulations my insurance carrier will most likely drop me (the state of Tennessee has 3 of the leading research hospitals for sickle cell: Meharry, Vanderbilt, and St. Judes) because of my pre-existing condition; I will then be forced to "shop around" and find a carrier that will take me and my condition which will, more than likely cost a lot more than the $84 a month premium that I am paying with Marriott's comprehensive United Healthcare plan; after shelling out a couple thousand dollars that I know I don't make with my $9.27 an hour job for healthcare that I literally cannot live without, McCain is going to "give" me back $2,500 of that (people, let's be real, coverage for someone like me is going to be a lot more expensive than that!!!)

But wait! There's more! as is usually the case with these schemes where they say they will give you your money back. The money doesn't come to you, it goes to the insurance copany and is put towards the balance on your premium ... secondly, when tax season rolls around again they are going to tax you on what they gave you and you are going to end up giving half of the $2,500 right back to the people that gave it to you along with the other taxes that they take out of your pay checks.

I'm sorry, but this sounds like total bullshit to me!

There is nothing in his plan to regulate the cost of healthcare --- which means that the insurance companies can take serious advantage of the millions of people in this country that find themselves in a situation very similar to mine ... sick and dependant on a good healthcare plan to make sure that they see tomorrow. For most of you reading this post you know at least one person, if not more, who is going to get seriously shafted by this plan or left behind because they can't even afford to get heir foot in the door.

This is clearly a Republican plan -- the only people that are considered are wealthy white people!

I don't know about you, but I want someone in office who is going to be looking out for my welfare as much as they look out for rich people's money -- and John McCain isn't it!