Biden vs. Palin: 1st 2008 Vice Presidential Debate -- What can we expect to see?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Let's get ready to rumble!

The 2008 Presidential Election has already proven to be an event that will go down in history. But tonight, the showdown between The Democratic V.P. nominee Sen. Joe Biden from Delaware and the Republican V.P. nominee Gov. Sarah Palin from Alaska is going to be fascinating on every level as we watch to see what else the governor doesn't know and how the cutthroat Senator is going to handle having to fight against a woman. The wrong move by either one of them could cripple their campaigns.

When it comes to Gov. Palin, election polls show that more and more of the American public is beginning to believe that she is not qualified to be the next Vice President of the United States, let alone the President. Her lack of knowledge regarding the economy, foreign policy and public policy has been showcased in the last three major interviews that she has held, and her nonresponsiveness to questions she doesn't know is beginning to be a tell-tale sign for the former beauty queen from Alaska. The Vice Presidential debates is not a place for her usual fall back tactics, when she doesn't know what she's talking about, of turning to philosophical mumbo jumbo that don't have much to do with the question that was originally presented to her. How she handles the pressure of the debate and being on the national stage this evening will do one of two things for the McCain/Palin campaign: 1) reinforce the idea that Sen. McCain made a mistake in choosing her as a running mate and that, perhaps, his judgements could be as detrimental to the nation as they have been to his own campaign, or 2) make her the "Wonder Woman" heroine that everyone believed she was when they were first introduced to her at the Republican National Convention. Can she show America that she is ready for the White House or perhaps should she just stick to what we all know she can do well -- wave gracefully and look pretty.

Sen. Biden has a challenge on his hands with the impending debate with Gov. Palin. His mission: support Sen. Obama, take down Gov. Palin, but don't alienate the women that are on the fence after Sen. Hilary Clinton's defeat and the realization that the Republican V.P. nominee is an all around idiot not suited for the White House. In the past, Sen. Biden has been labeled a know-it-all and a Pit Bull. His performance during the Democratic Primary season is evidence enough of the Senator's debating style -- he speaks authoritatively, something that can often be construed as condescending; and his below the belt quips have the potential to be sexist and/or insensitive as they are directed towards the dainty Governor. Call Senator Biden Ethan Hunt and his Mission -- Impossible!

Tune in tonight to watch the Barracuda battle the Pit Bull. However, in my opinion, no more is there a match between these two candidates as there us between a Pit Bull and a bunny rabbit!