Poem of the Day! 10/2/08

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Letter to my unborn son
Inspired by Rosey
by NoirCzar

Please forgive me son, Daddy's sorry he stole your breath
Convincing your mother that there's life after death

Persuading her emotions by stating the fiction
That our life is perfection without your affliction

Ambiguous statements that if we conceived
I could not provide what provisions you apparently need

Forcing her to make a decision that she could not perceive
A result for the actions when hormones deceive

While you were anticipating your birth would be grand
Progressing thru puberty to become a man

My hands stopped your first steps so I could command
And continue to consume liquor till I just cannot stand

Spending savings money on women and fast living
Destroying your only chance of praising for God's giving

It was my phrases that silenced your first words
That halted your pronunciation of nouns and adverbs

That stopped you from recognizing your colors and loud sounds
In exchange for some twenties, some henny and green pounds

Your first kiss dismissed for bottles brown crown
With knowledge it's your first dance slowly I swallow down

Now I miss your smile, your tears and sad frowns
As all the years and the beers had silently passed 'round

And we both feel abandoned cause you're a fatherless son
Just smile and be forgiving, now nothing can be done