What if Obama doesn't win the Race?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

When the Presidential Primary Season began the democratic party was faced with the reality that their votes, inevitably, would bring about the beginning of a new era of "in-your-face" tolerance and change as both Senator Hilary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama entered in the race. Precedence was that in order to be considered as a serious candidate for Presidency you needed to be a Protestant, white male from a New England state and preferrably in your early fifties. Neither of the Democratic party's leading candidates fit into this mold! And perhaps that is for the better as America, formerly the richest, wealthiest and most powerful country in the world, quickly spirals downward into peril.

However, after steamrolling over his Democratic nominee competitor and winning the hearts and minds of a nation that, until his emergence in the Race for the White House (in more than one way), seemed to be locked in a perpetual dream state or so disastisfied and disillusioned by the state of the American Government and politics today that they didn't care anymore: It didn't make a difference whether thay came out to vote or not because the corruption of the Republican Party is so entrenched in the minds of the rest of the country that their unsavory plans would, through both legal and illegal means, put another Replublican candidate in the White House for the next 4 years. Trick or Treat!

Barack Obama has become the Hero that middle class America and America's working class has been waiting for. A person that has lived their life and struggled through the same problems as they have and proven that, through dedication and hard work, success can be yours; a positive role model for the African American Male and any man that is a father; a vision of what it means to be an American, as a mixture of all of the different races and cultures that have migrated to this land in pursuit of a better life -- his skin may be dark, but he is, without a doubt, the All American; and the all important "Talented Tenth" that W.E.B. DuBois so emphatically wrote of as the saving grace of the African American Community.

Barack Obama has awakened the African American and Latino communities and made them a force to be reckoned with and a legitimate and powerful demographic in the United States. No longer can politicians campaign and pass bills with disregard to the countries minority races as though we do not exist or are not important -- Barack Obama's mere presence in the Presidential election has made us all want to get involved, speak our peace, and hold politicians accountable for waht they promised during during their campaigns in order to win our votes; our focus has been turned and and a spolight has been placed on capital hill by these minority demographics. The status quo is no longer acceptable and tolerance does not come with a disclaimer or footnote. People of all races and backgrounds have flooded the phone lines of the Michael Baisden radio show with enthusiasm with regard to the current election. America's youth and first time voters have used the interenet and the ability to communicate with each other almost instantly in order to create the Obama/Biden Campaign's digital army and most unexpected source of support.

But with all of that said, we already know that Barack Obama is the "Change" that America needs. And, despite all of our rallying and support and political fervor, what if, after all of this work, Barack Obama doesn't win the presidency? What will that mean for you and me? What will that mean for America as a whole?

Our future is in our hands and never before has one election been so crucial ... America is on the verge of change and Barack Obama is it's heralding leader. So, even more important than what will happen if Barack Obama doesn't win is this question:

Now that your eyes have been opened, will you join the fight for your rights?