Poem of the Day!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Sermon
by NoirCzar

If i wrote a sermon predicting a later date
filled with hermeneutic knowledge from scholars, would you relate
or debate my written scripture, de-credit my spoken faith
quoting I am not official the spirit won't demonstrate
in vessel not anointed by bishops or magistrates
proceed to crucify my visions as blasphemous by the state
But if I choose to use peter the prophet in my defense
would you then commence to beat me with allegorical sense
using scholium after scholium in categorical pretense
to convince me that these talents are biblically too intense
chastise me till repentance, rebuking what's heaven sent
and embark upon a calling conflicted by evidence
then proclaim my prophesy while preaching your paragraphs
with moral application relating to trouble paths
using dogma examples and sampling from my past
to convince the congregation the patience they ought to have
Then review my given gifts with an exegesis eye
to contrast my claimed religion and label me Jerebai
till I am settled in a setting that's canonically correct
cast out then resurrected with praise for my intellect
exhaulting my indwelling, compelling me to direct
now religiously respected, revering my dialect
authored as a prophet portraying the premonitions
of Yahweh thru my decision to agape the unforgiving
but I am just a poet, a product of how I'm living
a picture of imperfection with Grace that is God given.