I'M SO GLAD I GO TO TSU! ... Tennessee State University's 2008 Homecoming Week has Finally Arrived ... And I have Never Been So Syked

Monday, October 27, 2008

"Get Geek! Get Geek! It's Homecoming week. We don't go to class and we don't go to sleep. We stay up 24/7 the WHOLE damn week!"

There is a reason we are known as The Aristocrat of Bands:

"I'm so Glad I go to TSU, singing Glory Hallelujah ... whoo ... I'm So Glad!"

"T-S, T-S, T-S-U... Aristocrat! Aristocrat of Bands!"

My boyfriend is a Sigma, so I had to include this one from the Homecoming Step Show last year:

Watch out, cause Big Blue Country is taking over he city of Nashville this week!


Karen said...

Omg, and I thought OSU students had spirit!

Have a blast this week :)