When It Hurts

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I am going to take a brief break for a moment before I go into my normal posts for the day. Although my iPod Touch is loaded with over 1,000 songs and several more videos, I normally just listen to about three ... over and over and over again. Lately the song that monopolizes the majority of my free time is "When it Hurts" by Avant. When I first started playing thus song in incessant repetition I thought it was simply because the chorus was catchy and Avant's voice is soothing to me. But, after a week of shewing over the lyrics and singing them with non-harmonic enthusiasm when I'm alone I realized that it was what the song was talking about -- Will you love me when it hurts?

You see, my boyfriend's lease is up on his apartment at the end of the month and he is moving in with me (along with all of his ugly bachelor pad furniture) and I'm seriously freakin' out. No longer is it going to be a just a simple boyfriend/girlfriend, very little commitment, you have your space and I have mine kind of relationship. We are going to completely be merging our separate lives together to make one and the only way that it is going to be successful is if we can "love [each other] when it hurts".

Avant hit the jackpot on this one!