Poem of the Day! 10/3/08

Friday, October 3, 2008

by NoirCzar

Why do i defeat myself, blinded by shades of red
Tears fill my eyes like pennies in a pan-handler's cup
Currently down is up, my heart twists like a mountain road
Feelings inside, a ticking bomb, ready to explode
My mind in overload, thoughts of her weigh heavy in my shoulders
Akin to the load of Danaus's boulder,
Her words pierce my heart like a thousand arrows, each shot with precision
My male intuition told me we were meant for imminent division,
Yet my visions of love clouded my thoughts,
Love, its beautiful sounds, children laughing, puppies barking, bells ringing
Ringing, ringing, now the only sound that reverbs in my ear is goodbye
Laughs turn to cries, cries from lies, lies from love, love from fear
Pushing away to bring her near, yet emptiness is what's left here
But I am not alone, for although we're eternally apart,
Her body speaks to me like the tell-tale heart,
Now my instant reaction, has me relapsing, constantly questioning and reasking
The simplest statement though my heart deny, is it a crime to say goodbye.