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Monday, October 6, 2008

Congress has officially passed the $700 billion "economic rescue" package and that means something completely different for the impending Presidential Election -- will you still vote for Obama knowing that his Presidency will be overshadowed by this astronomical national debt?

Regardless of who is elected this November, they are going to have one of the toughest 4 years in office that has ever been recorded, with a failing economy, 2 wars being waged, a national deficit, and now a $700 billion debt.

Myself, I am going to have a hard time checking that box for Barack Obama on November 6 knowing that my vote could set him up for failure. In 50 years no one will remember what a phenomenal speaker he was; no one will remember how he advocated for change and was the voice of the average person; no one will remember the good changes that are made for the betterment of this country. No! Instead, what they will remember is that Barack Obama was the first black President of the United States and that he failed tremendously to save the country from its bad decisions!


Cheri T. said...

Hey LadyL,

I won't have one bit of difficulty pulling the proverbial lever for Obama come November 4th. In the end I have no doubt that the country will be a lot better off under his leadership than under McCain.

As for people not remembering what a great speaker Barack is, I wouldn't worry about that either. The video library of his many speeches will be a testament to his oratory gift.

In terms of him failing, here's how I look at it. Failure is relative to the stick one uses to measure it. Sure he will be blamed for some things, perhaps many things that weren't even under his control. However, I certainly can't see him being any more of a failure that George W. Bush. For some, the mere fact that he's even there as a viable candidate already makes him a success.

You may be interested in reading this article on my blog about my own interpretation of Obama's candidacy.

At any rate I enjoyed reading your blog, and I look forward to more thought-provoking posts.