You Can Vote However You Like

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

5th and 6th graders from the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, GA. During their civics and government lessons the students were first taught the Republican and Democrat ideals and the policies that each is presenting as their platform without out being told which candidate was actually a Democrat and which candidate was a Republican -- they were then asked to make a decision based on the policies alone (something that we all should have been doing from the beginning). Were they ever surprised who fell to the left and who fell to the right!

After studying the parties and making the decision their next class project was to make this song showcase what they had learned in their class to the tune of "You Can Have Whatever You Like".

This is the kind of education that more and more of our students have been attaining due to the topics that have been surrounding this elections. Even if Obama does not win (heaven forbid), this has turned the nation in the right direction -- more people need to be involved in the goings on of this country!